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Engine & Drivetrain


Body Work

Frame & Suspension

Here page contains links to projects posts I've either completed or are currently working.  As the resto-mod continues, more links will be added.  Underlined links indicate completed projects, except possibly installation in some cases.  Early on, I didn't think about documenting this resto-mod.  So some of these projects are short on pictures, such as fuel system and windshield replacement (I have no removal pictures).

Disclaimer:  I'm a hobbyist attempting many of these things for the first time.  I've researched to the best of my ability, but certainly do not claim the mantle of expert.  These posts are in a walk-through format to illustrate to other novices like myself how I went about a project so they can decide whether to attempt it themselves.

Progress so Far

I recognize the walk through format may be tedious to some, especially knowledgeable hobbyists or professionals.  While I suspect I don't have much insight to offer these folks, I welcome and encourage their feedback, advice, and correction.  My main goals are documenting my resto-mod for friends, family, and others that are interested; and hopefully encouraging others to undertake projects on their own Stingrays.  If I can do this, anyone can.